Managed & Hosting Services

Elevate your business with our genuine commitment to Managed & Hosting Services. Our cutting-edge Data Center and Colocation services ensure the security and reliability your business deserves. Experience the future of virtualization with our Virtual Servers Hosting, offering scalable solutions tailored to your unique needs. We understand the heartbeat of your operations and are dedicated to managing your infrastructure, allowing you to focus on what matters most – your success.

Featured Services

Cloud Hosting

Vision Telecom comprises robust technologies with premium hardware, low-density environment and blazingly fast SSD storage...

Gaming Servers

Vision Telecom focus on creating the most reliable and affordable gaming servers for our customers. Our Gaming servers are specially designed to...

Managed Services

Our Managed Network Services are designed to help businesses achieve reductions in IT infrastructure downtime by pro-actively responding to events...

Data Centre & Colocation Services

Vision Telecom’s managed colocation facility aims to provide reliable networking, power, and physical security to provide you a cost-effective business continuity and disaster...

Virtual Servers Hosting

Vision Telecom has ensured to build in-house skills to keep customers’ servers performing the way they are expected to be. This provides a very cost effective solution to your requirements.

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